Vertical mount assembled industrial ventilating fan.  115 volt belt driven quiet exhaust fans.


Overall sizes: IEF42 48"x48" / IEF48 54"x54"

IEF fans may be installed in a wall or suspended from the ceiling.


Required wall opening: 

IEF42 - 48 1/4” x 48 1/4”      IEF48 - 54 1/4” x 54 1/4”

     Build secure fan opening frame that is 8” to 10” deep.  Set the fan in the framed opening so that edge of fan shroud is even with the inside edge of

the opening.  Secure the fan in the framed opening using three appropriate secure screws or fasteners per side. 

     When used with #CBT cabinet/guard (generally used on installations less than eight feet), allow wall clearance around the framed opening as follow: IEF42 - 8”; IEF48 - 4”. Follow enclosed instructions for #CBT assembly & mounting.

     Shutter installation:  Recommended shutter is smaller than the overall size of the fan.  Modify your framed opening by adding a 2 1/2” to 3” lip on the inside of the outside edge of the opening.  Secure shutter to the outside lip using appropriate screws or fasteners through the screw holes in the outside frame of shutter.  Shutter may be installed from the outside or inside.  If installed from the inside, shutter must be installed prior to fan installation.  To insure proper automatic operation, install shutter level and square, do not twist or tilt shutter frame, and attach mounting screws at a 90 degree angle.  Manually operate the shutter.  It should move freely without bind or drag.

     Model IEF fans will not stand when removed from carton.  Handle with care to insure blades and pulleys are not damaged.  Even small damage to a blade or side of a pulley will result in fan vibration and will shorten fan life. 

                      Belt drive exhaust fans in Houston and Austin.